**Aim and Scope of "Islamic Religious" Research Journal**

"Islamic Religious" Research Journal aims to provide a scholarly platform for the dissemination of research pertaining to Islam and its various dimensions. Our journal welcomes original research articles, reviews, and theoretical papers that contribute to the understanding of Islamic religion, culture, history, philosophy, and contemporary issues.


1. **Islamic Theology and Philosophy**: Exploration of fundamental Islamic beliefs, theological debates, and philosophical interpretations within Islamic thought.

2. **Islamic Law (Sharia)**: Studies on Islamic jurisprudence, legal theories, and their applications in different contexts.

3. **Islamic History and Civilization**: Research on the history, development, and contributions of Islamic civilizations, including their cultural, social, and intellectual aspects.

4. **Islamic Ethics and Morality**: Examination of ethical principles, moral values, and ethical dilemmas within the Islamic framework.

5. **Islamic Education**: Investigations into Islamic pedagogy, curriculum development, and educational practices in traditional and contemporary settings.

6. **Islamic Spirituality and Mysticism (Sufism)**: Exploration of mystical experiences, spiritual practices, and Sufi traditions within Islam.

7. **Islamic Art, Architecture, and Literature**: Studies on Islamic art forms, architectural styles, calligraphy, literature, and their cultural significance.

8. **Contemporary Islamic Issues**: Analysis of contemporary social, political, and economic issues within Muslim-majority societies and the global Muslim community.

"Islamic Religious" Research Journal is committed to promoting scholarly dialogue, fostering interdisciplinary approaches, and advancing knowledge in the field of Islamic studies. We encourage submissions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners worldwide, irrespective of their religious or cultural backgrounds.

For submission guidelines and inquiries, please visit our website or contact the editorial office.

Thank you for considering "Islamic Religious" Research Journal as a venue for your scholarly work. We look forward to your contributions and engagement with our journal community.