Withdrawal Policy

1. Introduction

The "Journal of Religion and Society" (JRS) is committed to providing a fair and transparent publication process for all authors. This withdrawal policy outlines the procedures for withdrawing a manuscript submitted to the journal.

2. Grounds for Withdrawal

Authors may withdraw their manuscript at any time before publication for the following reasons:

3. Withdrawal Procedure

To withdraw a manuscript, the corresponding author must send a written notification to the JRS editorial office via email. The notification should include the following information:

The editors will acknowledge receipt of the withdrawal notification and confirm the withdrawal of the manuscript from the review process.

4. Consequences of Withdrawal

Withdrawing a manuscript before publication does not affect the author's ability to submit the same manuscript to another journal. However, if the manuscript has already been sent out for peer review, the authors may be asked to provide the reviewers with a brief explanation for the withdrawal.

5. Appeals

If the editors reject a request to withdraw a manuscript, the authors may appeal the decision. The appeal should be submitted in writing to the editor-in-chief and explain the reasons for the appeal. The editor-in-chief will review the appeal and make a final decision.