Licensing Policy

1. Introduction

The Journal of Religion and Society (JRS) is committed to promoting open access to scholarly research. This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which authors can publish their work in JRS and how readers can access and reuse it.

2. Types of Licenses

JRS offers two main licensing options for published articles:

Authors can choose which license they want to apply to their article when submitting it for publication. JRS reserves the right to recommend or require a specific license in certain cases, such as for articles funded by grants or other special agreements.

3. Author Rights

Authors retain copyright of their articles published in JRS under the chosen license. This means they can:

4. Reader Rights

Under the chosen license, readers can:

5. Archiving and Preservation

JRS is committed to long-term archiving and preservation of published articles. All articles are deposited in a reputable digital repository to ensure they are accessible even if the journal ceases publication.