1. Purpose

The purpose of the Archiving Policy for the "Journal of Religion and Society" is to establish guidelines and procedures for the systematic and secure archiving of scholarly content published in the journal. This policy aims to ensure the preservation, accessibility, and long-term availability of research contributions to the field of religion and society.

2. Archiving Platforms

The "Journal of Religion and Society" will utilize reputable digital archiving platforms and repositories to store and preserve its content. These platforms should adhere to international standards and best practices for digital preservation, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the archived materials.

3. Archiving Formats

Archived content will be stored in open and widely accepted formats to facilitate accessibility and interoperability. The journal will employ industry-standard formats for text, images, and other multimedia elements to ensure that archived materials remain accessible over time.

4. Metadata and Documentation

Comprehensive metadata will be generated and maintained for each archived item. This metadata will include information such as author names, publication dates, abstracts, keywords, and relevant copyright information. Clear documentation about the archiving process, file formats, and naming conventions will also be maintained to facilitate future migrations or updates.

5. Version Control

The journal will implement version control mechanisms for archived content to track changes and updates over time. This ensures transparency in the archival process and allows users to access specific versions of articles if needed.

6. Accessibility and Open Access

The "Journal of Religion and Society" is committed to open access principles. Archived content will be made publicly accessible, allowing researchers, scholars, and the general public to retrieve and use the information freely. The journal will work towards providing persistent and unique identifiers (such as Digital Object Identifiers - DOIs) for each article to enhance citation and discoverability.

7. Redundancy and Backups

To safeguard against data loss, the journal will implement regular backups of its archived content. Redundancy measures will be in place to ensure that multiple copies of the archived materials are stored in geographically distributed locations.